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My Story

I had everything society said I needed to be happy: A good job, house, partner who loved me, two beautiful step-children, a great circle of friends. I had holidays every year, owned a car and had good connections with my family.

Yet I was miserable. Something was missing.

I was always rushing and never had any time for me. I had lots of friends but always felt left out.

I couldn't handle criticism yet was very judgemental of others. I tried to keep everyone happy, otherwise they might not like me anymore.

I would often lose my temper and say things I didn't mean. I had no idea how to really ask for help or how to be vulnerable. I feared those things meant I was weak.

As a result, I attracted people who didn't value me. A boyfriend who didn't notice my unhappiness and who thought it fun to use humour to put me down.

I used to fight with my family a lot. raised voices, sharp words and a lot of unexpressed pain lay between us.


Healthy Relationships = Happy People.

©2020 Natalie Ford.

Images of Natalie Ford: ©2020 Eleni Anats.

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