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The journey from Shadow to Sovereignty
Own your worth, embody your power & wear that crown with conviction!
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Sit Powerfully On Your Throne

No more people pleasing, doubting yourself, feeling powerless & not trusting yourself

Alchemise the root of your insecurities & release them forever

Live fully from your power - every day

Trust yourself & Feel confident in your decisions

Know with certainty that you're worthy of everything you desire

Become highly magnetic


Manifest your dreams

Take charge of your life

What's Included:

8 weeks coaching

Trigger Alchemy Mastery

Deep dive into the 8 archetypes

A private & confidential space to dig down to the root of your insecurities

Weekly video calls

Direct hot-seat coaching with Natalie


You - fully in your power


Facebook & Zoom


8 weeks, starting 17th August 2021

The Investment: