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Sit Powerfully On Your Throne

It's time to realise you're far more powerful & worthy than you ever knew.


It's time to have your back so strongly that nothing ever causes you to cower or feel less than.


It's time to uphold the standards you truly want for your life & to stand by your beliefs no matter who criticises them.

It's time to love yourself to levels you never knew were possible.

And it's time to take responsibility for every area of your life, so you can make even your most courageous dreams come true.


In this life-changing 8 week intensive, you will clear out the root of your insecurities, release the power they hold over you & become the master of your shadows - for good.

You will no longer give sh*t about what people think of you, you will finally know your true value, you will trust yourself to make even the most difficult of decisions, you will let go of all self doubt, self criticism & feeling powerless.

You will discover how to transform debilitating fear & belittling beliefs to release all the energy they've hijacked & claim back your royal throne.

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The Struggle Is Finally Over

The fear of what others think, of being criticised or made wrong, of losing approval & being cast aside has held you back for too long.

The energy you expend when you get knocked off centre or feel lost & your goals a distant dream, would be so much better channelled into trusting your every decision, expanding your empire & churning out a stream of creative, authentic, high-demand offerings.

Wouldn't you like to get off the never-ending path of healing? Let go of the exhaustion of limitations & failures? Of feeling overwhelmed or unable to get your ideas out into the world?

And how would it be to finally feel secure in your own skin, so you no longer sought security in your relationships, job, money or success?

What if you found a way of thinking & being in the world that meant that all this struggle could cease?

That you'd feel completely & utterly powerful, grounded, secure, stable & with access to unlimited resources at your finger tips?

That your path of healing didn't have to be a lifetime sentence & the only never ending journey on your path would be the river of fresh, unique & joy-filled creativity flowing through your consciousness?

This is not a dream or a false promise.

This way of thinking & being is the result of the simple - yet momentous - mindset shift.


I'll be teaching this inside this programme - but it's not for everyone.

This programme will demand of you courage, commitment & an openness to profound personal upgrades.

Read on to learn about my journey & the incredible shifts I've experienced in less than a year of discovering this work.

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The Tool That Changed My Life Forever

At the start of 2020, I was burning out. I’d put so much energy into promoting my work that I’d drained myself & badly hurt my shoulder. Trying to get my business off the ground had begun to feel like selling my soul.

I’d also just had my heart broken – again. I seemed unable to attract a compatible partner, despite how much consciousness work I’d done.

I’d come so far on my healing journey yet I was still losing a lot of energy getting triggered. I was the most self-aware person I knew! But I was unable to stop myself spiralling into a pit of insecurities whenever I felt rejected, criticised or abandoned.

I had #allthetools but processing triggers would zap hours from my days & days from my months.

I was busy trying to bring in enough income, find a lasting relationship & look after my wellbeing, but it created a never-ending to-do list.

I had big ideas for where to take my business but I struggled a lot with overwhelm. The mere thought of going for bigger goals would flip me into panic, so I had to constantly limit how much I took on.

The way I was living wasn’t sustainable & I had no idea how to get to where I wanted to be without doing all this work.

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Then I discovered a mindset shift that changed everything

I was introduced to a tool that was so powerful, it didn’t just clear my triggers – it completely eliminated them.

Instead of just soothing my wounds, this way of processing got right to the root of the trigger & flicked a switch to blast the core limiting belief completely out of my consciousness.

I know it sounds insane, but I kid you not.

Here I am, one year after discovering this tool, now running a successful, sustainable business; I'm in my dream long-term relationship; I’m upgrading my house to have more luxury & be more in nature; I'm taking care of my body, eating well & I no longer have to spend hours processing triggers - because, quite simply, I don't have any.

I no longer feel anxious, get stressed or worry about getting everything done. Overwhelm is a thing of the past!

I’m up-levelling my business in ways I previously only ever dreamed about. My income’s increasing month by month & I feel super secure in the future I’m creating for myself.

The partner I've manifested is literally everything I ever wished for. He’s self-aware, intelligent, emotionally-attuned, reliable, courageous, a good communicator, an amazing lover, generous, kind & trustworthy. I couldn’t ask for more!

I used to be oversensitive, highly-strung & I needed to have barbed-wire boundaries to protect my delicate self esteem.

Now, my self belief is rock-solid & I know I can cope with anything. My boundaries are soft & adaptable, because I don’t feel off-balanced by what anyone says or does. It doesn’t bother me what people think of me or if I get negative comments on my posts. I’ve developed a resilience I never knew was achievable & discovered a light-heartedness in myself that I haven’t felt since I was a child!


All of this is down to the simple yet profoundly powerful mindset shift that I discovered about how to process triggers. It showed me how to completely eradicate them instead merely 'manage' them.


My capacity for life has expanded exponentially & I am ecstatic to be teaching you this incredible tool in

Claim Your Crown.

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Now It's Your Turn

Throw away all your self-help, purpose-finding & money-making books - you won't be needing those any more. You can also unsubscribe from all the spiritual guru emails pinging your inbox.

People using this tool have reported... attracting their soulmate, getting engaged or married after years of dating, being invited to speak at major conventions, being approached for book deals, creating extreme levels of wealth, ten-times-ing their income, eliminating crippling anxiety from their lives & coming off unnecessary medication, quitting smoking, losing weight, leaving relationships they never previously had the courage to leave, activating spiritual gifts they had no idea they had, being recognised as thought leaders & pioneering visionaries in their field, & more...

It’s Time To Claim Your Crown

Through this 8 week journey from Shadow to Sovereign, you will reveal the most majestic, gracious & empowered version of yourself you can possibly imagine.

You’ll learn the tools – for not only embodying this supreme self, but - for living your entire life from this place of potency.

Throughout this programme, I will reflect to you your highest potential & hold for you the vision of what I know you can create.

Your insecurities will be transformed into your power. All reasons & excuses will disappear. You will command your reality with majestic authority & you’ll defeat all obstacles on your regal path.

If you're finally ready to believe in yourself, trust yourself no matter what, bring your dreams into creation & feel truly worthy of sitting on a throne, then click the button to Claim Your Crown.

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This is for you, if you...

You spend energy managing anxiety, overwhelm, worry or self doubt​


You are seeking a higher quality of relationship than you've previously attracted


You want a more resilient & stable nervous system

You want to anchor Secure Attachment inside of you


You have the discipline to make changes but always surface-level changes that never get deep enough to create sustainable change

You're on the hamster wheel of personal development & are stuck in the belief that "healing is a life-long journey"

You ask permission, seek approval or give your power away in other ways


You have big dreams for life but don't yet know how to make them happen

Fear holds you back from reaching your dreams

You compromise to please others & can't hold your position in negotiations


You're highly critical of yourself or others

You spend ages planning but rarely actually complete anything


You fear taking up space or inconveniencing people


You attract people who need rescuing or you seek others to rescue you

You feel that you always have to do everything alone

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Programme Details

8 weeks of powerful shadow work coaching

Weekly video calls

Direct hot-seat coaching with Natalie

Master the Trigger Alchemy archetypes

Discover the blueprint of your power & of your shadow

Clear out your insecurities for good



Group Coaching Container

Private Facebook Group

Weekly Zoom Calls (recorded)

Home Practice


We kick off 10th January

Enrol now & receive pre-work to start your transformation immediately


Full Price - £449

Early Joiner - £299

Price will increase on 18th December

Payment plan available

Click the button below to enrol now.

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What My Clients Say...

"Using the truth rant really helped! I notice I puffed my chest out a bit and stood taller. I kept repeating the words in my head and feeling my power come back to me. It gave me the courage to stand up for myself and say what needed to be said. And because I said it from power and not victim, it was received well."

"My husband and I have had a really lovely last few days. I've been sticking up for myself when things happen that I disagree with and we've managed to be very light-hearted around it. We disagreed about buying something I wanted and I didn't get flustered. He explained his reasons and I acknowledged his point. I still really wanted to buy the item, so I shifted from shadow into sovereign and bought the item with calm and confidence. I didn't let my husband's disapproval provoke me, I trusted myself to make the right decision. Thanks Natalie!"


"I've been much more light these last few days - I'm finally letting myself do what I want! I think this is a direct result of the work I've been doing with Natalie to reclaim my power when I give it away. When my partner complains, I can see they are just in their "stuff". I listen to them but I don't have to agree. There is nothing to fix. I feel so much lighter! Things are flowing more easily between us and, as I start to find my own boundaries, I find more compassion for them too."

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About Your Coach

Natalie Ford is a trailblazer integrating & teaching personal development at the forefront of consciousness.

She works with clients who are deeply passionate about becoming their best selves & who are driven to bring change to the world by sharing their innate gifts.

Her coaching offers a fresh, powerful & highly effective approach to shadow work & self empowerment.

Natalie's genius is her ability to see right to the root of the limiting beliefs, wounds & unhelpful patterns that have held you back & to teach you the tools to set you free.

Natalie lives & breathes everything she teaches.