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Date Your Value

Lockdown to love in 6 weeks!

For singles who are serious about attracting high quality dates

We start 16th Feb.

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It's time to get out of your own way.

Time to uncover the blocks that have stopped you creating the friendships, family and love relationships that you want.

Time to get super fucking honest about what isn't working, areas you want to grow, what you want more of and what you want less of.

You see, you know more authentic, nourishing and empowering relationships are available to you.
Relationships where power is shared equally. Relationships built on respect, trust and integrity. Relationships where you share openly, honestly and vulnerably with the other and are received with love, kindness and truth. Relationships where all of you is welcome.


It's time to get clear on the standards you want for yourself and to value yourself enough to fully uphold them.

It's time to let go of unhealthy relating dynamics and break free from the people who have held back your growth.

It's time to deep dive inside your very own underworld to transform the core thoughts, emotions and behaviours that have kept you looping, over and over again.

The rewards will blow your mind.

When you finally start to value yourself fully, the whole world opens up to you.

Your relationship to yourself is completely transformed​ and your relationship to everyone around you follows suit.

Dreams that felt unobtainable suddenly feel within reach.

Relationships that lacked sustenance, longevity and intimacy completely transform.

Friendships that don't support your growth fall away and create space for new ones more aligned with your values. And, connections that are built to stand the test of time, flourish and grow as you do. As you leap to your next levels of authentic, empowered relating, the other person steps up and meets you there.

Finally you are free to shine brightly, championed by those around you. You no longer compromise your uniqueness or power for fear of what others think of you. You recognise and meet your needs in self-supporting ways and avoid depleting yourself by overstepping your boundaries. And, at last, emotional pain from the past no longer rules your fear or overpowers how you live your life today.​

If you are ready to get in the driving seat of your life and create the healthy, nourishing, empowered relationships you want, check the different ways you can work with me to bring about the change you are looking for.

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Client Testimonials

I already felt pretty committed to speaking my truth - a missing piece for me was in discerning who is ready to hear it - not to receive my vulnerability as some kind of manipulation or to use it as an opportunity to be abusive.


So there's been a great learning in how to express boundaries with kindness but also clarity.


And where to let go of old outdated relationships and ways of relating. Thank you.

- Will

I had a great talk with my partner - I asked some questions and had Natalie in my mind all along telling me to listen in silence, silence, silence!


It was difficult, I cannot lie, but so worth it!


We talked about our needs and expression and - although not everything is solved yet - the hostilities between us are gone and we are even sleeping close to one another again!

- P.R.

My work with Natalie was a big support to know how to start a difficult conversation and help me dig deeper in myself to discover what was really happening.


I saw how authenticity from within can create more positive outcomes when there is no blaming, shaming or projections.


Projecting is so easy to do and so hard to catch!

It was my first real conversation with no projections. The other person's body and expression relaxed so much because there was no trigger or defensiveness. Just an expression of genuine feelings.


They took it very well.

- E.A.
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The Fundamentals of Healthy Relationships

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