Date Your


Are you ready to create your dream relationship?

Attract Dates That Truly Match Your Standards

If you are single and looking to date, but not attracting matches that meet your standard it's time to to start dating your value.


You've tried dating sites and are sick of the slurry of low-quality messages clogging up your inbox. You long for more fulfilling connections, yet the messages you're currently attracting are at best boring and at worst completely off-putting. It's enough to make you give up all together!

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You're not attracting the dates you want

Perhaps you don't know your value or how to showcase yourself to stand out from the crowd. Maybe you are unclear in your standards or struggle to identify potential dates who meet these standards. You end up wasting hours browsing profiles with no idea who to message or what to say to set the right tone.

Create A Relationship That's Everything You Desire!

In Date Your Value, I will teach you how to own your true value, craft a dating profile that showcases your amazingness and efficiently identify partners who are an ideal match for what you desire.


In this 6 week, group experience, you'll learn to uncover the unique qualities that make you a high value partner, build your confidence in dating and match with dates that truly meet your standards.

An effective, transformative dating programme for singles who are serious about

high quality relationships

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You'll learn to recognise your true value, get comfortable owning all parts of you and how to create a powerful dating profile.


I'll guide you how to get clear on the qualities you offer a partner and exactly what you seek in your ideal match.

You'll become aware of limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging patterns, so you can focus your energy on attracting a partner that matches your unique essence.


I'll also guide the group how to identify dates that meet your standards.

What's Included in the Programme

6 weeks

Get clear on your standards

Weekly group calls

Create an amazing dating profile

Facebook group

Find your ideal dates

Date Your Value

This programme is for singles who want to attract high quality dates and create the relationship of their dreams.

In this 6 week online journey, you will gain absolute clarity of your relationship standards and I will show you actionable steps to bring your dream relationship from your imagination into your physical reality.

We begin 16th February 2021 

Investment: £750

Once you've signed up, I'll be sending you some pre-work to begin your journey until we kick off.

Date Your Value Accelerator

For those seeking to step up their game even further, the Date Your Value Accelerator package is for you.

With two private coaching sessions included, receive bespoke 1:1 guidance in the areas you most wish to excel. 

Investment: £1,050


We begin 16th February!

Healthy Relationships = Happy People.

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