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First Date



An insight- and a revelation-packed, free masterclass that will support you to approach first dates with the mindset of creating lasting, long-term love success.

Dating and relationship coaches, Natalie Ford and Sanjay Joshi, combine their  expertise to address questions, such as:

"How can you tell if he has "forever" potential?"

"What is a healthy pace for intimacy?"

"How can you avoid common self-sabotage traps that strong, independent women often fall into?"

Discover the truth about
- Common love myths

- Spiritual misguidances


- Dating faux pas

To help you avoid these and enjoy first date success that has a real possibility of leading to long-term love.

Learn to avoid the pitfalls that can lead to brilliant matches being dismissed too early and opportunities for lasting love being missed.

Married Couple Photoshoot
You'll walk away with clarity to:
Spot red flags early
Avoid repeating past patterns
Identifying dates that have "forever" potential
Approach your first date with confidence, knowing you've been well-prepped with a mindset that will support you to open doors for lasting love success.
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