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Cherish Your True Self

D a r e   t o . . .

The path to true freedom (aka empowerment) requires us to release childhood relating patterns and the tight grip of needing approval, validation, belonging and/or permission. Codependency... People Pleasing... Toxic relating...

Would you like to feel more lighthearted and carefree, to laugh more freely and not take things so seriously? To feel able to handle life with calm and ease? And to let go of drama on your life?

**make sure writing to target audience - not just victims with no money!**

  • Feel more secure in your relationships

  • Increase your self esteem

  • To learn to trust yourself more

  • Become more present & worry less

  • How to let go of the past

  • Get neutral (release the emotion / accept where you are / stop denying the truth)

  • Find the false belief & correct it

  • Notice everywhere you are holding this false belief & start to let go of it

  • Notice what actions you take or decisions you make because of this belief & change them to what you'd do based on the corrected belief - take action to lock in the new belief

Do a programme specific to men - create this after interviewing Sharif & other men's workers  

Enjoying Nature

The Lies We Believe

-> I'm not attractive enough
-> I need to hide the parts of me I think are unloveable
-> If someone's upset, I must've done something wrong
-> If I decline an invite, I must have a really good reason or I won't get invited again
-> I have to lie to get what I want
-> I have to flirt to get what I want
-> It's selfish to prioritise my needs
-> I must always keep my word to others (but its ok to break it to myself)
-> I must never let anyone down
-> My safety lies in what others think of me
-> It's not OK to disappoint people
-> I don't want responsibility
-> If I become powerful, I will hurt people
-> I need other people's approval to make big decisions
-> Other people can take away my happiness
-> It's not OK to inconvenience others
-> I have to do it all alone
-> I can't trust others
-> Everyone is out to hurt me
-> I never have enough time
-> I can't rest until [x] is done
-> I can't trust myself to make big decisions
-> I can never afford the lifestyle I want

Insecurities are irrational thoughts that - cognitively - we know have no foundation, yet they can take over our emotions & rule our minds. They cause us to question ourselves, doubt things we said, second guess our actions, feel unworthy of the things we long for & hold us back from achieving our dreams.

In their midlest form, an insecurity might just be a nagging thought in the back of your mind. Yet, when you give them your power, insecurities can completely engulf & paralyse you. Your ability to concentrate or think clearly will be affected & you may act irrationally, leading to doing or saying things you later regret.

Every time I used to not hear from a boyfriend, my insecurities would create all sorts of worries about why this might be.


Perhaps that joke I made didn't go down so well? Perhaps speaking about my ex triggered him? Perhaps I did something to upset him?


In the past, these fears would have ENGULFED me.


I wouldn't have been able to concentrate, my work would have suffered & I would have been on an emotional rollercoaster wrangling with my fears.


Repeated occurrences of these painful triggers made it really hard for me to stay in relationships. Either I'd get so insecure that I'd felt I had to run away - or my need for constant reassurance would be too much for my partner & they'd leave.


Even though I'd done loads of self-love work & attended years of therapy, I'd still get caught in these drama loops & I'd be filled with anxiety much of the time.


Despite learning MANY tools through studying many different modalities, it wasn't until last year I finally discovered how to stabilise my nervous system completely & stop these fears over-powering me.


I am beyond excited to share these tools with you (& so much more) on my upcoming training, Death Becomes You.


If you're ready to let your insecurities die & finally root yourself in a calm, empowered, self-trusting energy, then join me for this powerful 9 week programme.


We start on 13th May & the price is £475. All calls will be recorded, so join live or catch the replay.


If you're ready to anchor in tools that will truly change your life so you can finally become the confident, self-assured person you know you can be, then message me right now to enrol.


Much love,

Here are some limiting beliefs and identities that used to keep me small. Perhaps you recognise some in yourself?