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Cherish Your True Self

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The path to true freedom (aka empowerment) requires us to release childhood relating patterns and the tight grip of needing approval, validation, belonging and/or permission. Codependency... People Pleasing... Toxic relating...

Would you like to feel more lighthearted and carefree, to laugh more freely and not take things so seriously? To feel able to handle life with calm and ease? And to let go of drama on your life?

**make sure writing to target audience - not just victims with no money!**

  • Feel more secure in your relationships

  • Increase your self esteem

  • To learn to trust yourself more

  • Become more present & worry less

  • How to let go of the past

  • Get neutral (release the emotion / accept where you are / stop denying the truth)

  • Find the false belief & correct it

  • Notice everywhere you are holding this false belief & start to let go of it

  • Notice what actions you take or decisions you make because of this belief & change them to what you'd do based on the corrected belief - take action to lock in the new belief

Do a programme specific to men - create this after interviewing Sharif & other men's workers  

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