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Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be successful, independent, earn a lot of money and find an amazing man to love and be loved by. He would be my partner in crime and we would be each others' everything. And - as cliché as it sounds - we'd have a fairytale Happy Ever After.
It turned out that being successful, independent and earning a good salary was the easy part. 
Finding an amazing man to live an exciting life with? That was much harder.

Let me rephrase that. Finding him was not that hard. Keeping him was a different story.
After initially dating a bunch of men who were far too soft and weak, I up-levelled my standards and went after the type of man I truly desired: Powerful, confident, career-driven, successful, emotionally available and a good communicator.  What I now call the 'conscious alpha man'.
And whilst I could certainly attract this type of man, I couldn't get him to stay in relationship with me more than one to two years.
One to two years and then that was it.
Just as I was getting comfortable and letting down my guard, he would up and leave.
I never saw it coming.
The first few times, it blindsided me.
The rest of the time, I lived in fear that it would happen again and felt powerless to stop it from reoccurring.
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Until one day… I met my king.
He was absolutely everything I ever dreamed of and I'd even blown my own mind with the level of man I manifested.
He met every single one of my standards - and even the ones I'd secretly dreamed of, but never thought were possible.
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Yet.. one year into our relationship, history started to repeat itself.
He told me he wasn't happy and that he was struggling to stay in our connection.
However, this time, I was determined to break the cycle.
I worked tirelessly with this man to unravel exactly what was causing him to need to leave.
And what I found - to my horror - was a great shock.
After the years and years of empowerment work I'd done to learn healthy boundaries, authentic self-expression, conscious communication and become an empowered woman…
And how hard I'd worked to break all my codependent behaviours to take responsibility for my own emotions, pleasure, needs and desires…
what I discovered was this: 
The inner masculine, I'd spent so long awakening, building and strengthening was now precisely the thing that my partner felt he couldn't be in relationship with.
I was confused beyond belief.
All my empowerment training taught me that this was his problem and his insecurities to deal with.
And - yet - I'd been here with past relationships a million times before and it never ended well.
The king that I was now in relationship with had done his work. He knew who he was. He knew his worth. He knew his purpose. He knew his direction.
And he also knew his standards.
Under no circumstances was he prepared to be in relationship with another masculine energy.
For my king was an alpha man and - by definition - there could only be one. 
Think about it… how many successful relationships do you see in the world of empowered, hyper individualised beings? How many successful, lasting, grounded relationships have reached their Happy Ever After?
And - for all my explorations into open relating and polyamory - how many successful, functioning, Happy Ever After relationships did I see there? Very few. And those that do exist, all started as monogamous.
So when my man - this beautiful king - told me of his desire to lead, to be my one and only, to be respected, loved, cherished, honoured and treated like an ally instead of an enemy - I had to listen, even though it was incredibly difficult to hear.
Then I heard of a new wave of love that was beginning to awaken across the lands.
A new way of relating that was entering the consciousness of humanity.
Dark Love, they called it.
Submissive love.
Dyadic love.
My heart raced. My mouth fell open and my eyes widened.
What is this treachery you speak of? A woman submitting to her man!
What f**king century are we in? I asked.
2022, my lady.
And this is not the old - but the very, very new.
This is not the toxic patriarchy, as you have known.
This is empowered, dyadic love.
The sort that lasts forever and fairytales are made from.
As a strong, independent woman, you naturally have a strong, masculine energy.
And by the law of polarity, that is very attractive to…? Feminine, soft, weak men.
But these men appal you.
They're a massive turn off for a powerful woman like you.
You want - in all your glory - to be met equally in your power, in your mental ability, in your physical ability.
And in your heart.
In your emotional depth.
What you long for is a strong, confident, empowered man.
A conscious alpha, as we call them.
But he will not stand to be in relationship with your masculine - for he craves your feminine.
The law of polarity will have your masculine violently repel his.
And no matter how much your hearts wish to be together, your energies will clash time and time again. Like two armies in battle, only one can win.
So, for you to have the Happy Ever After that you so long for, you must make the ultimate sacrifice.
Knowing that all the power of your inner masculine that you have needed to onboard is now complete.
And the imprint will remain with you forever.
You must now lay down your sword, drop all of your defences and submit to your king as your leader.
For only in dyadic love, can you find harmony and fairytale endings.
For only in dyadic love, can you truly awaken your empowered feminine energies and find the surrender, safety and nurture that you long for.
For the conscious alpha man is by nature a protector and a provider.
His integrity is his guiding light and his entire soul's purpose is to love you with all his might.
But he cannot and will not give his heart to someone whom he must fight.
So you must take off your armour and let the battle end here.
Surrender your heart and its protective sword.
Surrender your will and its aggressive voice.
Surrender your independence and all the separation it creates.
For by relinquishing these identities, you will be reborn.
By letting your empowered identity die, a beautiful new you will be revealed from love's heart moulded in your man's eyes.
Shaped by his heart and formulated by his desire.
That beautiful, soft, empowered queen that you have always wanted to be.
It is impossible for you to create her by yourself.
For you know only how to be strong, independent and protected.
It takes the love of a conscious alpha man to crack you wide open.
To remove all the layers of your armour, to peel off all your protection and to shine healing light on your scorned parts.
For Dyadic Dark Love is the path to true happiness.
Working together as a team.
Truly having each others' backs.
And creating a love so strong that it can weather any and all challenges through time.
If you're ready to face your demons and shed your identity in the name of true love, then click the button to apply to find your forever man now.

Client Words

"Natalie is an incredible coach, able to create a very safe space and achieving great results! I learned how to alchemize triggers in the moment & calm my nervous system. I cleared out a painful story of my past – It's such a difference to live without that baggage on my shoulders & in my heart! I feel more secure, more creative, playful & trusting myself. Highly highly recommended!"

- Michaela Kratinova / Nanny

"Working with Natalie, I've been able to reclaim my self worth, set boundaries, believe in myself & feel empowered. I'm finally trusting myself again which feels fantastic."

- Andrea Pocock / Nurse

"The idea of difficult conversations with my partner used to make make me feel sick & sweaty! We'd end up shouting, crying, storming out, blaming & nothing really got resolved. ​Now, I address fears from the offset rather than pretend they don’t exist & pick the right moment to have the conversation. I plan my language & - importantly - I listen to my partner without interruption. My relationship is now the best it's ever been!"

- Cat / Manager

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