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Cultivating Healthy Emotional Bonds In Love

The journey of Co-dependence to Inter-dependence (avoiding the hidden trap of Hyper-Independence that can sabotage you) - so your relationships can truly flourish.

In today's personal-development-driven society, many women have done "the work" to recover from co-dependency but inadvertently fallen into the trap of hyper-independence, which is blocking them from creating relationships that last.

I celebrate every woman who has achieved


that achievement, as it can be a long and treacherous road to let go of the conditioning of codependence and find the courage to assert your boundaries, speak your truth and find independence.


Although Hyper-independence feels good for a while, at its core, it is an act of self-sabotage.


These women turn to me for support, because their journey has led them here, but yet they weren’t able to find and sustain a healthy relationship with a partner. 


Since you are reading this, I know that you are an incredible and strong woman, who has learned to stand up for herself and protect her boundaries. In this masterclass, I would like to show you the fine nuance and balance between the two extremes of co-dependency and hyper-independence and how to achieve it. 

So what does a healthy bond, an interdependent relationship look like? 

Join me for this one-hour-long masterclass and let’s explore the extremes, the nuances and the path towards finding balance and lasting love. 

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Please don’t be alarmed, I am not expecting you to unlearn the hard work you’ve done around creating and sustaining boundaries.


I would rather teach you how softness in a relationship doesn’t need to correspond with making yourself smaller or quieter again, nor does it require you to go back to co-dependency.


I will walk you through the path of staying assertive while embracing tenderness and appropriate communication in relationships.  

I am here to tell you that it is possible to heal and find a wonderful fulfilling relationship.

Yes, all relationships have problems, but how they are addressed and resolved determines the health of a relationship.

Join me for this one-hour-long masterclass and let’s dive into creating a deeper understanding of the different types of relating, where they stem from and how to continue evolving and moving forward.          

Here's what you'll learn:

How does co-dependency present in relationships;

What is hyper-independence and why isn’t it healthy;

Why do some people trauma bond;

Why being too independent does hurt cultivating lasting love;

What is healthy Inter-Dependence and how does it work;

How to care for your partner’s well-being away from co-dependency and the need to take responsibility for what is not yours.

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Healing from co-dependency while avoiding the trap of hyper-independence isn’t a myth, it is indeed very real and possible.

I am determined to support as many as possible women on the journey of growth and finding the love each one truly longs for. 
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I’ve created this master class for the strong women, the empowered ones, the independent ones and those who want to feel like that.


You all deserve lasting, equal, safe and fulfilling love.


You all deserve to be with a partner, who replaces the eggshells underneath your feet with rose petals, takes away the second-guessing and communicates openly and authentically.

For this, you too have to learn to be his safe space and I am here to show you how.
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