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Work With Me

Online dating should be fun, easy and fast!


Take the stress out of creating the perfect dating profile and learning how to read beyond the lines of guys' dating profiles. You'll find everything from having a kick-ass dating profile to quickly and efficiently being able to identify the dating profiles of men who meet what you're looking for; having a dating coach in your pocket and my bespoke 1:1 coaching programme: Find Your Forever Man In 90 Days.


Whatever level of support you're looking for, there's an option to suit and I can't wait to help you steer love home!


X-Ray Vision

Get my X-ray eyes on your potential dates' dating profiles. I'll teach you how to decipher what they're really saying, so you can selectively choose precisely which men are truly worthy of getting to know better.

45 mins, £250.


Create a dating profile that speak directly to the heart of your ideal man and compel him to message you.

* Express the fullness of who you are

* the precision of who you're looking for

* magnetise Mr Right

* repel Mr Wrong

Save your time and energy only for men who truly meet your standards.


The complete set up of your dating profile and bio completed by a professional.

1 dating site/app - £699.
3 dating sites/apps - £999.


Precision Dating

For the woman who's too busy to date Mr Wrong.


Learn how to quickly and efficiently establish if a man is worthy of your time. Know within just 4 messages if you should date him or ditch him.


Spot red flags early and ensure you only ever give your precious energy to men who meet your highest standards and are looking for the same thing you are.


Have an expert dating coach in your pocket and receive bespoke 1:1 guidance through your dating experience.

2 x 1:1 video calls and unlimited text support, £2,500/month.

Find Your Forever Man In 90 Days

The fast track to lasting love. No more chancing it with your dating life - steer yourself confidently and directly into the arms of the man you've been dreaming of with my Find Your Forever Man in 90 Days programme.

Upgrade your self-love to new levels, maximise your confidence, deepen your self belief and eradicate any insecurities as your cleanse your energy of all impurities and get rock solid in who you are and what you bring to the table.

Remove the guess work of how to find love and be guided by a professional through the precise steps to manifest the love of your life.

By the end of the programme, I guarantee you'll be beginning a beautiful relationship with your perfect man.

Unlimited Magnetic dating profiles, unlimited X-ray Vision sessions, 3 months VIP Precision Dating support with 3 x 1:1 video calls and unlimited text support, £12,000.


Learn To Love A Conscious Alpha Man

man in blue crew neck t-shirt kissing wo

Radical self-evolution for the strong, driven woman looking to create forever love with a man who can truly meet her on every level.

If meeting a man that truly treats you like a queen feels like a far-off dream.... or if you know how to find men like this but can't keep them... my Learn To Love A Conscious Alpha Man programme is for you.

A 6-month immersion to transform every fibre of your being, opening your heart to the highest levels of love, eradicating your fears of trusting and being abandoned, standing more fully in your power than ever before and softening sharp defences that inadvertently wound the ones you love.

In this highly personalised journey working 1:1 with Natalie, you will shed outdated fears, patterns and conditioning that have previously stopped you loving with a completely full heart, and discover how to truly love and be loved.

You'll emerge as the powerful yet soft, feminine Goddess you've always strived to be and you'll be primed to meet your King as his Queen.

Self Love Recovery

6 month inner self-love journey to feel truly worthy of finding your King. For the woman who knows she's worthy of so much more.

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