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The Sex Education you wish you'd had at school

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[yō-nee] noun

The word yoni (pronounced: yō-nee) is Sanskrit for female genitalia. Literally translated it means "Sacred Temple" or "Sacred Space". It's meaning encompasses the vulva, vagina & womb.

The yoni has potential to be a source of great power, magic, wisdom & pleasure. Yet, in today's Western society, we are poorly educated about it's abundant properties - although, thankfully, this is slowly changing.


Many yoni-owners were not taught from a young age to honour, adore & protect this sacred part of the body.

And many yoni-lovers have learned only through fumbling & guessing rather than an informative education.

As a result, yonis are often misunderstood & can be a source of confusion, frustration, shame, pure mystery, disappointment &/or resentment for their owners & lovers.

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It's Time For Change

It's time for yonis to be understood & their sacredness restored.

It's time for yoni owners to experience a relationship of love, reverence, compassion, care, pleasure, joy & excitement with their yonis.

And it's time to understand the mysticism that lies within this sacred portal, how to love, touch, awaken, please & respect your yoni.

It's time to receive a sacred yoni education.

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Introducing: Sacred Yoni

Sacred Yoni is an intimate, educational group membership in which you will learn everything you ever wanted to know about yonis!

Did you know...

The clitoris is actually as big as your palm?

A yoni can orgasm in over 13 different ways?

The g-spot is directly connected to the pee tube (urethra)?

The vulva swells to about 3 times its usual size when fully aroused?

The cervix entrance opens when the womb is fertile & closes when not?

Yonis that experience hyper-sensitivity or numbness are likely carrying armour?

That armour can be released & pleasure rediscovered?

Join the Sacred Yoni membership to discover the answers to all these & so much more!

Topics Covered



Hyper-sensitivity & Numbness

The G-spot, A-spot, Cervix & more

Touch Techniques

Boundaries, Consent & Safer Sex Conversations

Talking About STIs

Trauma & Healing

Asking For What You Want

Creating The Environment You Truly Need

Different Styles of Eroticism

Self Pleasure

The Sacredness Of Bodily Juices

Deepening Your Connection With Your Body

Before- & After-Sex Care

Emotional Intelligence & Holding Space

& Much More...

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Meet Your Host

​Natalie Ford, founder of The Temple Witch, gained her vast knowledge of the yoni through her work as a Tantra, Sacred Sexuality & De-armouring practitioner.

Her personal healing journey also enhanced her understanding of the important connections between trust, vulnerability, intimacy & pleasure.

After decades of unfulfilling & painful sex, Natalie found the techniques & approaches to release trauma & armour that had blocked her access to pleasure & orgasms.


She learned how to express her needs & boundaries & began fully relaxing during intimacy & finally enjoying all the fruits her body had to offer!

Natalie now loves teaching people to understand, love, honour & adore the yoni(s) in their life, so that they can fully awaken a yoni's wisdom & pleasure.

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Image by Ricardo Resende

Membership Benefits

Factual, personal, educational material about yonis - how they work, what they need & how to receive more pleasure from them

2 x interactive live Q&A & technique-sharing video calls each month

Guest appearances from other sexuality experts

A private & confidential space only for people who have a yoni


A supportive & encouraging group container to ask questions & receive personalised guidanc



For people who have a yoni & want to learn more about how to connect with their yoni.


A private Facebook group

Zoom calls


£45 / month

Cancel any time

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