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Relationships can heavily affect how you feel about yourself.

When things go well, relationships can bring great joy. You feel on top of the world. Confident, motivated, courageous, strong and indestructible.


Yet, if you are not deeply grounded in your sense of self, when relationships go wrong, that indestructibility can quickly crumble, leaving you feeling exposed, vulnerable and raw.

Rupture and repair is a natural part of a healthy relationship. However, if we don't have the skills to navigate differences of opinion and even full blown rows, then our sense of self can take an extreme impact from the relationship rupture that we Find it almost impossible to repair the damage done.

If you find your sense of self-worth (how are you feel about yourself) fluctuates dramatically based upon how your friendships and relationships are doing, then you are caught in a dangerous hook of codependency. Having your sense of safety codependent to other people's approval, validation and acceptance will wreak havoc with all areas of your life until you do the work to free yourself from it's manipulative grip.


Signs your self worth is codependent with your relationships:-

  • You feel like shit when you fight with another

  • You feel like a failure when your relationships don't work out

  • When people take space in your connections you feel rejected or abandoned

  • You tend to over-give in friendships and don't feel you get as much back

  • You feel like you're a good catch but can't seem to find someone who wants to be with you



If you are a UK of feeling like a failure when relationships don't work out, .....

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