The Key to Taking Charge of Your Life

Transform the thoughts, emotions & behaviours that have stopped you from creating the life you want
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We all have parts of ourselves we don't really understand - why we behave in certain ways, feel certain things, are attracted to certain people and react to certain situations. It can cause our inner critic to go wild, which has a huge impact on our self esteem and our ability to trust, believe in and guide ourselves in healthy ways.

When we start to understand these parts of ourselves, we can give ourselves more support, compassion and encouragement. Approaching so-called ‘problematic’ aspects with openness and curiosity, cultivates greater self love and acceptance, which in turn strengthens our inner resources and builds resilience to face life’s ups and downs with greater ease.


Discovering the reasons underlying these behaviours and the inherent needs that are trying to be met, helps us build the bigger picture of what is really going on and opens the door to finding healthier ways to meet these needs - ways that create more joy, happiness, freedom and connection.


I work with clients to transform unhelpful behaviours and limiting beliefs into empowering and encouraging new ways of being, thinking and acting.


Through the use of archetypes, Internal Family Systems and other modalities, I help you identify the shadow patterns playing out in your internal and external world. By uncovering the driving force behind the pattern and getting to the root of it, I support you to transition to healthier, conscious choices.


Working under the hood like this, puts the power in your hands to truly transform the thoughts and behaviours that have been veering you off course.


Addressing the shadow at the root, releases the power that it’s been sucking from your energy field, giving you more energy to create the life you want.

My clients say...

"Dropping into my body and finding out what's there is magical. It feels like imagination, but is powerful. There is wisdom there that I could not have thought of or imagined." - Carol

"I hoped for some clarity and sense of direction and I found that. I loved learning that silence is gold (in some situations). Natalie has this power to make you feel safe. Nothing is taboo because nothing is judged. All feelings are truly welcomed." - Paula

"I loved the suggestion to feel into all the different options of the dilemma I brought. It was very accurate to what I needed in that moment. I can wholeheartedly recommend working with Natalie" - Margot

If you are ready to shift what isn't working and create the life you know you deserve, work with me 1:1 and let's deep dive into what's going on behind the scenes to bring about the powerful, lasting change you crave.