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Powerful, bespoke, results-oriented coaching that will help you overcome your dating or relationship obstacle at lightning speed

Have you spotted a pattern with the people you're dating, and want support to change it?

Is there an issue you keep bumping up against in your relationship that you'd like expert guidance to overcome?


Are you questioning whether the sensitivity you're experiencing is just "normal", or if it's an insecurity that could be healed?

Welcome, gorgeous! You're in exactly the right place.

Hi, I'm Natalie! I'm super excited you're here.

Since 2018, I've been coaching people to reconnect to their truth, value and power - and my clients' results speak for themselves. My clients tell me they love my direct, precise and empowering approach to solving their problems.


With the minimum amount of sessions needed, I'll help you find the clarity, confidence and next steps you've been looking for.

"Your super-clear advice still vibes through my system. Thank you so much Natalie for your open, honest and deep reflection"

- Joyce, 47

"Natalie has a wonderful ability to put people at ease. I've been able to reclaim my self-worth, set boundaries & believe in myself. My body feels calm and centred. I feel empowered. Trusting myself again, which feels amazing."

- Andrea, 49

"I wasn't trusting my partner to make the right decisions in the right time frame, which was hindering me from relying on him. But after talking with Natalie, I'm trusting him wholly and it's relieved the pressure on me. I'm in my feminine energy more. I'm more relaxed and happier. It's given him more confidence too."

- Female, 32

"After working with Natalie, I feel free in so many ways! I don't feel my painful past anymore - it is gone completely. It is such a difference to live without that baggage in my heart! I now appreciate & celebrate myself. I deserve it all! My relationships are thriving. I'm more playful, energetic, and creative."

- Michaela, 37

Natalie Ford
What will we do?

Once you've booked your session, you'll receive an email with the Zoom link for our call

On the call:

We'll discuss what you'd like to get from the session, any challenges you're facing, and what emotions they're evoking for you

I'll ask you some direct questions to illuminate the root trigger, and we'll potentially do some deep healing work to heal or transform any core wounds that are activated 

I'll help you identify the best solution to move you towards your desired outcome and guide you with the next steps to get you there

After our session, you'll walk away with

A clear understanding of what you have control over (and can therefore change) and what is outside your responsibility (and is rather to accept or set a boundary around)

Clarity, confidence, and empowerment

A sense of relief and feeling heard, seen and supported

These sessions are for people of any gender, age or background.


Choose the day and time that suits you on the calendar below to book your session, and I'll see you on the call.

Much love, Natalie x

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More client words...

"I used to get insecure if I hadn't heard from my partner for a while. I felt like I was contacting him more than he was contacting me and I’d get clingy. But working with Natalie (and some other modalities) helped me grow a hell of a lot and achieve really deep healing."

- Female, 44

"Sessions with Natalie help me clear my triggers and get free of the heaviness, so they no longer dominate my thoughts. Her approach is really 'no-nonsense, no mess, no clear up'. It's so peaceful that there's no huge, drawn-out emotional traumatic 're-living' of it all. It's just 'bam-bam-bam, right, that's done!' Clean and quick."

- Female, 41

"I've always been trying to detach [leave] when things get difficult. I wanted to understand why I kept doing this. After talking with Natalie, I realised it’s based on my trauma, and it’s a learnt way to protect myself. Knowing this will help me to communicate better with my partner and help me to seek more self-healing, so I can stay more connected during those difficult times."

- Female, 33

"I am so enjoying feeling a sense of security within me. I really feel the work with Natalie brought me back into my own power, thank you so very much!"

- Rachel, 43

"I've been much more light these last few days - I'm finally letting myself do what I want! I think this is a direct result of the work I've been doing with Natalie to reclaim my power when I give it away. When my husband complains, I can see he is just in his 'stuff'. I listen to him but I don't have to fix. Things are flowing more easily between us and, as I start to find my own boundaries, I find more compassion for him too."

- Female, 42

"Having cleared a whole heap of unworthiness through this work, I am now feeling that I could very much have a beautiful life - thanks Natalie..!!"

- Former client

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