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Healthy Relationship


Set healthy boundaries, communicate with confidence, and learn to love yourself!

The key to healthy, sustainable friendships & and relationships.

👉 Have you ever overstepped your boundaries to please another person, to feel accepted in a group of people, or by a family member?


👉 Or maybe you felt unheard or misunderstood, or simply at a loss when having to navigate difficult conversations?


👉 Do you believe that you need someone to make you happy or maybe you’ve been blamed or shamed for not being the person someone expects you to be?


👉 Do you have friends that you feel the need to hide certain aspects of your life from?


👉 Or maybe you have struggled to understand and communicate your needs?

We all have experienced frustration when relating to people we love and those we want to keep in our lives.

If your answer was yes to at least one of the above questions, you're in the right place!
 In this masterclass, you will:

  Learn the fundamentals of healthy relating and how to courageously communicate your needs and boundaries 

Understand what your needs are and how to either meet these yourself or ask a partner to meet them for you

Learn what co-dependency is and how to break free from it

Discover how to deepen your self-love and date yourself

 Learn how to communicate in a way that avoids frustration, blame and disappointment 

As humans, we all have the basic need to belong and to be accepted by those surrounding us.

This need sometimes drives us to abandon ourselves and to
disregard who we are, what we like and what we want. Believe me, this is normal
and there is nothing wrong if you have fallen into some of those patterns.

I am here to teach you that there is a way out, to show you a path towards happiness and belonging without abandoning who you are and what you need.

It is possible to recover from co-dependency and to gain the necessary self-love and -respect to show up with confidence and authenticity in your relationships.

This masterclass is for you if:
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You want to unlearn old patterns, heal and move forward by creating healthy and sustainable relationships.

You want to believe that you are worthy of standing up for yourself;

You want to be loved and accepted while being your authentic self;

You want to learn how to communicate your needs and desires;

You want to find people, who will honour and respect who you are;

You want to set boundaries and adhere to them.

Finally, I will address the importance of feeling worthy of meeting your needs and how to communicate them so you avoid frustration, blame and disappointment. 

Here's what my clients are saying!

"I am so enjoying feeling a sense of security within me. I really feel this work brought me back into my own power, thank you so very much!"

- Rachel, 43

"Having cleared a whole heap of unworthiness through this work, I am now feeling that I could very much have a beautiful life - thanks Natalie..!!"

- Female, 30s

"I've been able to reclaim my self-worth, set boundaries & believe in myself. My body feels calm and centred. I feel empowered. Trusting myself again, which feels amazing.  I can really see that by setting boundaries, I'm creating space for ME!"

- Andrea, 40s

“My husband and I have had a really lovely last few days. I've been sticking up for myself when things happen that I disagree with and we've managed to be very light-hearted around it. We disagreed about buying something I wanted and I didn't get flustered. He explained his reasons and I acknowledged his point. I still really wanted to buy the item, so I shifted out of shadow and into sovereign and bought the item with calm and confidence. I didn't let my husband's disapproval provoke me, I trusted myself to make the right decision.”

- Female, 41

"I learned how to trust myself and looked for the power and support within me, how to handle tough situations, how to communicate and set up the boundaries important for my own well-being. I got to know myself on a deeper level and I feel really proud of what I discovered within me and through this work with you, Natalie. Thank you."

- Female, 33

Natalie Ford
Hi, I'm Natalie

I help courageous women on a path to self-knowing, self-love, and exceptional, conscious relationships to find their ideal man and build a deep, authentic, forever relationship.

I’m a qualified trauma-informed coach, shadow work facilitator and conscious sexuality practitioner, with extensive experience in authentic relating and deep inner-child belief-repatterning.

My strength is to see straight to the core of what’s happening in your situation and help you transform this quickly, effectively, and with minimal drama. Clients tend to love my no-BS and results-oriented approach, which has also won me two awards, including Dating & Relationship Coach of the Year 2023.


I look forward to supporting you in your next steps to empowerment.

Enrol in this masterclass and let me guide you through the start of a journey you will never regret
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