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Break Free.

You know more nourishing relationships are available.

You can sense them; smell them; taste them.

But something is holding you back...

Invest in yourself and take charge of your life

We all have a tendency to put others first, but in doing so, we can sometimes neglect our relationship with ourselves. Let me be your advocate and show how transform the thoughts, emotions & behaviours that have stopped you from creating the life you want.

Improve your relationship with others

Be your best self, alone and with others, and cultivate deep and lasting friendships and fulfilling, healthy  relationships.

Client Testimonials

I had a great talk with my partner - I asked some questions and had Natalie in my mind all along telling me to listen in silence, silence, silence!


It was difficult, I cannot lie, but so worth it!


We talked about our needs and expression and - although not everything is solved yet - the hostilities between us are gone and we are even sleeping close to one another again!

- P.R.

Just the thought of difficult conversations used to make make me feel sick and sweaty! We'd end up shouting, crying, storming out, blaming and nothing really got resolved.

Now, I address fears head on from the offset rather than pretend they don’t exist and we pick our moments. I use the time in between to rationally decide what I want to say and language, such as “I feel…” instead of accusatory language and - importantly - I listen to the other person without interruption.


My relationships are now the best that they have ever been! Knowing that we can express ourselves safely is so important for our emotional and physical health.

I feel strong, like an Amazon, in all areas of life now!

- Cat

My call with Natalie was a big support to know how to start this conversation and help me dig deeper in myself to discover what was really happening.


I saw how authenticity from within can create more positive outcomes when there is no blaming, shaming or projections.


Projecting is so easy to do and so hard to catch!

It was my first real conversation with no projections. The other person's body and expression relaxed so much because there was no trigger or defensiveness. Just an expression of genuine feelings.


They took it very well.

- E.A.

Talking Truths - The Healthy Relating Training Programme

Healthy Relationships = Happy People.

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