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Date Your

Your Personalised 12 Week Journey To Love
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Attract High-Quality Dates That Truly Meet Your Standards

Looking for love online can be a really mixed experience. It may feel fun, exciting and alluring initially, but it can also start to take its toll on your time and emotions when you don't manage to meet the right people.
If you don't excel at presenting yourself (most of us don't), you'll repeatedly face knock-backs. You'll get overlooked, ignored or flat-out rejected. And, instead of dating being the happy and joyful experience it's supposed to be, it can become painful, dull and outright off-putting!
The people you attract are not the calibre you're seeking. And the profiles you're drawn to reach out to either don't respond or turn out not to be the right type of person.
The slurry of low-quality messages leaves you longing for more fulfilling connections. And you're almost ready to give up all together!
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You're completely under-selling yourself

The truth is, you're massively under-selling yourself.
You clearly don't see the full extent of how amazing you are. You definitely don't know how to write about what you truly offer a partner. And you're probably choosing photos that give off the wrong energy.

But having a kick-ass profile isn't the whole answer to your problems. You need to clearly know what you're looking for and - most importantly - get good at identifying people who match this.
You need to be able to quickly and accurately tell if someone is a match for your standards.
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Create A Relationship That's Everything You Desire!

Date Your Value is a space for you to learn to fully shine and own your magnificence.
Let me support you to see and embrace your true value. I'll guide you to create a dating profile that not only exhibits your awesomeness, but is also subtley laced with your dating standards to keep those who don't meet them from clogging up your inbox.
You'll learn how to read dating profiles to see the energy behind them. I'll show you how to identify people's qualities and pitfalls purely from their profile, so you save precious time, energy and emotion by not messaging people who aren't exactly what you're looking for.
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An effective, transformative dating programme for singles who are serious about
high quality relationships

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What You Can Expect From This Programme

❤ You will emerge from this programme confident, self-assured and solid in the value you offer to a partner.
❤ You'll be crystal clear in the qualities you're looking for and able to quickly and efficiently identify people who have these.

❤ You'll have an A-grade dating profile that acts like a honey-net, attracting the exact high calibre people you actually want to date.
❤ You'll feel confident in your ability to attract your ideal partner into your life, backed by a proven method for how to do so.
❤ You will finally fully embrace yourself as a high-calibre divine being and be open to the receive love you know you deserve.

Ready? Let's go!
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Meet Your Guide

Natalie Ford is a trailblazer in the fields of empowered relationships, self-love and personal empowerment.
She supports her clients to embrace their true value, connect to their innate power and step boldly into their life's desires.
Natalie's ability to pinpoint any shadows that are subconsciously veering her clients off-track, allows her to help her clients quickly get to the root of problematic patterns.
Natalie's warmth, enthusiasm and trauma-informed background make her an effective, powerful and approachable facilitator perfectly suited to guide people through life-changing processes.
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What's Included in the Programme


12 weeks


Get clear on your standards


1:1 weekly calls


Create an amazing dating profile


Private chat channel


Find your ideal partner

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Date Your Value

This 1:1 coaching experience is for singles who want to attract a high quality partner and create the relationship of their dreams.

In this 12 week online journey, you'll gain absolute clarity of your relationship standards and I'll guide you through actionable steps to bring your dream relationship from your imagination into your physical reality.
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