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Study Chambers

Options for every level and budget. Choose the one that best suits you.

  • Awakening Chamber

    Every month
    Feel worthy of incredible love!
     14 day free trial
    • Assignments & Self-Study Teachings
    • Group Support
    • Learn To Feel Truly Worthy Of Attracting Your Ideal Partner
    • Heal Past Pain
    • Cultivate Deep Self Love & Acceptance
    • Develop Healthy Boundaries
    • Step Out Of Unhealthy Relationships
    • Learn To Communicate Using Self-Responsible Language
    • Build Emotional Resilience
    • Become More Authentically You
    • Learn How To Take Care Of Your Heart In Love
  • Compression Chamber

    Every month
    Get completely relationship ready!
     30 day free trial
    • Private All-Women Classroom
    • Monthly Interactive Live Calls
    • Assignments & Self-Study Teachings
    • Timely, Personalised Support Within The Group
    • Complimentary Access To Conscious Sexuality Teachings
    • Get Completely Relationship Ready
    • Establish Your Dating & Relationship Standards
    • Break Self-Sabotaging Patterns & Self-Abandonment
    • Eradicate Insecurities & Limiting Beliefs
    • Fully Own Your Magnificence
    • Develop Secure Attachment
    • Guidance & Support Through Dating Selection Process
    • Ongoing Support As You Establish Your New Relationship
  • The Ushering

    Every month
    Go get your man!
     7 day free trial
    • 1:1 Coaching From Natalie
    • Weekly 1:1 Video Calls
    • Personal Chat Channel With Natalie
    • Complimentary Membership To The Compression Chamber
    • All Benefits Of The Compression Chamber, Plus....
    • Energy Mastery To Attract Your Perfect Partner
    • Become Magnetic
    • Open Opportunities Everywhere
    • Professionally Crafted Online Dating Profile
    • Practical Support & Hand-Holding Through The Dating Process
    • Discover Quickly If Someone Is Right For You
    • Work Through Fears
    • Ongoing Support As You Establish Your New Relationship
    • NOTE: Entry is subject to T&Cs - click Enrol for details
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